In a world where collaboration is the bedrock of innovation, we are excited to share the formal partnership between Emulate and Emabler.  Comprehensive and successful tests have been conducted on Direct Current (DC) chargers with the ultimate aim to leverage our joint capabilities to unleash Electric Vehicle (EV) chargers’ potential for frequency regulation services.

Sonny Strömberg, COO of Emulate, sees the partnership as an opportunity to substantially contribute to the electricity system on a global scale. Strömberg emphasizes, “Our deep expertise in control and virtual battery technology, combined with Emabler’s innovative open platform for EV charging, is the perfect match. The cooperation will be beneficial for the consumers and the environment.”

Embracing the Energy Transition

As the world navigates the energy transition towards cleaner, sustainable power sources, the share of intermittent energy sources such as solar and wind power is rising exponentially. This shift, coupled with the surge in electrified devices, introduces a challenge: How do we offset the intermittency of renewable energy sources and maintain the balance between supply and demand while respecting consumers comfort expectations?

Taking on the Challenge of TSOs Ancillary Service Markets

The requirements to participate in Transmission System Operators (TSOs) ancillary service markets are stringent. Every participant must consistently deliver accurate and timely responses. This ensures that the stability and reliability of the grid are maintained, even as renewable energy sources fluctuate.

Delivering Promising Results​

Facing this challenge, the team-up between Emulate and Emabler shows real promise. Our joint tests aimed to demonstrate our systems’ capability to meet these stringent standards, and the results have been very positive.

eMabler CEO Juha Stenberg chimes in, “Through a comprehensive live test, we’ve proven that technology is now ready to play a vital role in the energy market. This applies both to keeping the energy network balanced and making good business sense. For those who own and operate charging stations, there’s a fresh perspective on the potential of EV charging. By combining energy sales with income from the energy market, a new avenue of revenue opens up. This advancement also becomes a significant asset in our ongoing efforts towards a more sustainable future.”

Emulate and Emabler conducted the tests on Skellefteå Kraft and OKQ8 chargers whose joint venture leads the market in public, fast EV charging across Sweden and Denmark. Scheduled for rollout between 2021 and 2026, the project features cutting-edge 150 kW chargers, exclusively powered by renewable energy.

Marching Towards a Sustainable Future​

Emulate and Emabler’s partnership marks an important step in exploring the potential of EV chargers for frequency regulation. As the world continues to embrace the energy transition, such collaborations can serve as catalysts in addressing the challenges that come with the increasing share of renewable energy. By utilizing electrified devices to offset intermittency, we are ensuring a more resilient, sustainable, and balanced energy future.

Emulate’s unique Virtual battery technology based on cutting-edge research at MIT coupled with Emabler’s open software approach is a powerful combination. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to forge ahead in our mission!