Maximizing Utility Profits with Distributed Energy Resources (DER)

Ride the Electrification Wave: Meet Customer Demands with Smart Charging and Heating Solutions—Effortlessly Integrated and Deployed Within a Day.

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Revolutionize your utility offerings with our webview, engineered for rapid deployment in just hours. Offering out of the box integrations with most residential DERs, we enable your customers to effortlessly link their EVs, charging stations, solar inverters, batteries, and smart thermostats.

Our sophisticated algorithms work in real-time to minimize electricity costs, tailored to individual tariffs. Boost your margins while delivering cost-saving benefits to a satisfied customer base. Our team, rich in energy sector PhDs, is poised to guide you through the evolving market dynamics. Join forces with us to shape the utility landscape with intelligent, agile, and expansive services.

Insert our provided code to embed the webview into your app with ease.

    // Audience (a fixed string indicating the JWT is for Emulate; you
    // should send it exactly as shown here.)
    "aud": "",
    // Your Emulate retailer ID
    "retailer": 1,
    // Expiration time for this JWT, in seconds since the UNIX epoch.
    // Optional, but recommended, otherwise, the token is valid
    // indefinitely.
    "exp": 1649773792,
    // ID of your customer.
    "customer": "23421",
    // An array of, at least, one facility (location where the customer has
    // a power meter).
    "facilities": [
        // ID of the customer's facility.
        "id": "ABC1323",
        // Address of the facility.
        "address": "Sankt Petri kyrkogata 7, 222 21 Lund, Sweden",
        // Price area of the facility.
        "price_area": "SE3",
        // Optionally, coordinates of the facility.
        "location": {
          "lat": 55.7063455,
          "lng": 13.1913016
        // Optionally, ID of the power grid to which the facility
        // belongs.
        "grid_id": "LND"
const jwt = require('jsonwebtoken');
const privateKey = "<some key>"
const addDays = (days) =>
    new Date().setDate(new Date().getDate() + days)
const payload = {
  // token created in step 2

Our algorithms are designed to reduce energy costs and DSO charges.

You will increase customer satisfaction by offering insights into the savings achieved.

Maintain flexibility

Switch from our webview to your own native views whenever needed – or opt for a hybrid approach using SDKs.

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